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For use in jewellery or other human adornments, gemstones are minerals, rocks, or organic materials that have been selected for their appeal, toughness, and rarity. Although the majority of gemstones are quite hard, some are too soft or delicate to be used in jewellery; as a result, they are frequently shown in galleries and sought after by collectors. Gemstones have a wide range of aesthetic appeal, and many come in an amazing array of hues and shades. The majority of gemstones are not particularly attractive when they are in their natural state; they may resemble common rocks or pebbles, but with expert cutting and polishing, the entire colour and shine are revealed. In general, gemstones with primary hues that are clear, medium-toned, strong, and saturated are favoured. Inclusions, which are traces of other minerals, can occasionally be seen in gemstones since they are generated below the Earth's surface. Little patches or flaws within the stone are known as inclusions.

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