Gemstones are minerals, rocks, or organic materials that have been selected for their beauty, durability, and rarity before being cut, faceted, and polished to create jewelry or other human adornments. Despite the fact that most gemstones are hard, some are too soft or fragile to be used in jewelry, thus they are frequently shown in museums and sought after by collectors. The beauty of gemstones is diverse, and many are available in a dazzling range of tints and colors. Most gemstones have little attractiveness when they are rough; they may appear to be ordinary rocks or pebbles, but after skillful cutting and polishing, the entire color and brilliance may be seen. Gemstones with clear, medium-toned, vivid, and saturated primary hues are generally selected. The manner in which a stone is cut can enhance its intrinsic brilliance. Gem cuts are classified into two types: cabochon and faceted. The cabochon cut has a smooth rounded top and a flat base, and it is most commonly used for opaque or translucent softer gemstones.

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