Vastu Shastra

The ancient Vedic discipline known as vaastu shastra teaches us how to create and design homes in harmony with the elements of nature. It is recommended to evaluate the vastu of the location whenever you want to purchase a new home or even move into a rental home. Following the vastu principles is recommended if you are building your own house since it will enable you and your family to take full advantage of what nature has to offer. Not everyone, however, has the choice to construct their own house. Particularly in large cities where apartment complexes and flat plans are the most common. Not all of these structures adhere to vastu, and some may even have vastu dosh. Vastu shastra places a premium on shapes, hence it's crucial that every room in the house either be a square or a rectangle. Unusual forms, such a hexagon or an L-shaped room, are seen as fortunate. Additionally, it's crucial to remember that a rectangular room's length shouldn't be more than twice its breadth. The vastu dosh caused by a home on an irregularly shaped land or even just one room within the house needs to be removed.

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